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0.1.1 ►

0.1.0 is the first public version of Colony Survival. It was released before June 1st, 2017.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

  • Reworked a lot of the jobs system:
    • Added an error indicator for the colonists when they try to dump things in a full stockpile.
    • Added an error indicator to the farmer and the forester when they are missing essential items (seeds, saplings).
    • Added an error indicator to the smelter and the baker when there's no fuel to use in the stockpile.
    • Added an indicator to the miner and the forester to show their progress.
    • The farmer and the forester will make a snake-like path through their field when doing their job, instead of a saw-like path. (new one is shorter)
    • The farmer and the forester will fall back to harvesting when they miss seeds or saplings to plant.
    • Fixed a case where colonists would craft something and immidiately move away instead of wait for the crafting to finish.
    • Fixed a case where colonists would be waiting for a cooldown after taking items if they arrive at their jobs very quickly.
    • Reduced technical debt a lot to ease improvements.
    • Farmer will try to use seeds from his own inventory
    • Farmer will dump his current inventory before he starts idling
  • Fixed invisible field creation; field created isn't invisible and always the same as the selected area.
  • Fixed use-after-free ish error causing lots of chunks to render wrongly.
  • Fixed changing blocks not working near a dead colonist
  • Fixed an issue where removing a job block did not update the colonists/unemployed counts properly
  • Inventory management changes:
    • Taking an item with right click takes half of the available amount up to half a full stack
    • Dropping an item with right click drops 1 at a time.
  • Crafter now takes 5 seconds per craft instead of 2,5.
  • Arrows recipe makes 8 instead of 25 arrows.
  • Miner mining infinite stone takes 3 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
  • Miner mining other things takes 8 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
  • Added a large amounts of additional resolutions to the dropdown (on top of those Unity reports as supported).
  • Set drop rate of wheat seeds to 1,1 per harvested wheat, down from 1,25
  • Set farmer cooldown to 1 second, down from 2 seconds
  • Set bread stack size to 50, down from 600
  • Added messages to show other people connecting/disconnecting
  • Added alpha version text to the bottomright of the screen
  • Added "/deus vult" command, to kill all monsters attacking a specific player.
  • Added "/debug teleport" command, teleports you around rapidly, stressing the server heavily. Not really useful.
  • Reworked the various crafting recipe types to share code, for ease of adding new ones.
  • Changed stockpile code to only send changes to the client once per tick max.
  • Fixed exit to desktop button on the server colliding with stats when they're enabled.
  • Fixed errors created by allowing some keys to be pressed in the main menu / connecting screen.
  • Moved some calculations to double precision to lower jitter.
  • Lowered colonist indicator a bit.
  • Fixed colonist indicators being affected by lights.