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Release date
August 5th, 2017
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0.3.0 is the version of Colony Survival released on August 5th, 2017. Unlike other versions so far, 0.3.0 did not received sub-versions (eg. 0.3.1), but got instead a few updates.

0.3.0 introduces science.

Changelogs[edit | edit source]

Version[edit | edit source]

Additions[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Changed stack size of dirt, grass to 200
  • Changed stack size of stone bricks, bricks to 100
  • Changed gold cost of buying 100 flax seeds from 200 to 30
  • Changed gold cost of buying wheat seeds from 2 gold per seed to 1 per 2 seeds
  • Added an indicator to the language menu of how complete a translation is.
  • Added option for custom port numbers for the server
  • Improved ability to join through friends menu
  • Added da-DK, cs-CZ and el-GR locales

Hotfix 2017-08-08[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue with indirectly removing banners by destroying the block below it

Hotfix 2017-08-09[edit | edit source]

  • Doubled cost of linen (1 flax to 2 flax)
  • Change APIProvider.Jobs.Register to be split into a Resolve function and the original Register.
    • Use 'ClearType', 'Register' and 'RegisteredTypesEnumerable' inbetween Register and Resolve to change npc types before resolving them.
  • Made several base job functions from the APIProvider virtual
  • Allow multiple onAdd/onRemove/onChange/OnUpdateAdjacent calls to be registered to the same block
  • Half cost of linen again (lol) 2 flax -> 1 flax
  • Decreased flax production by 3 per plant to 1

Hotfix 2017-08-09 (1)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed jobs registering 9 times for removal/placing

Hotfix 2017-08-09 (2)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed workbench recipe for tailorshop requiring 'sciencebag' instead of 'linenbag'

Hotfix 2017-08-09 (3)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed chatbox issue, where pressing space while it is active (but not typing) would start typing.
  • Fixed tooltip of inventory hanging around after closing

Hotfix 2017-08-10[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an out of bounds access caused by the threading fix

Hotfix 2017-08-12[edit | edit source]

  • Changed TryChangeBlockUserData class, used for the OnTryChangeBlockUser callback
    • Old behaviour maps like this: position → VoxelToChange, typeNow → typeTillNow, typeNew → typeToBuild
    • Added voxelHit, voxelHitSide, typeSelected, isPrimaryAction

Hotfix 2017-08-20[edit | edit source]

  • Undid the 'non public server browser' fix, as it also made those games unconnectable.

Hotfix 2017-08-25[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug causing the npc's to craft freely

Patch of 2017-08-26[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue with unvisible npc's if there are undefined itemtypes in the stockpile
  • Randomize idle cooldown of npc's to spread out their calculations

Patch of 2017-08-28[edit | edit source]

  • Some updates to the es-ES locale (0.3.0 mostly)
  • Some fixes/updates to the de-DE locale
  • Fixed max health not updating after completing the research for it.
  • Possibly fixed an issue where a server would become unconnectable for a player until it restarts
  • Fixed oven/furnace staying on when the colonist moved away
  • Added virtual OnChangedGoal in base blockjob
  • Added virtual OnRecipeCrafted in base crafting job
  • Added a warning when trying to access a JSONNode via GetAs<T> while it isn't a value.
  • Added a check to the Recipe constructor for type != 0 && amount > 0 for every item