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Release date
December 22nd, 2017
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0.5.0 is the version of Colony Survival released on December 22nd, 2017.

The update contains five new jobs: a dyer, a stonemason and three herb farmers. It also contains colored lanterns! The stonemason crafts new building materials and the dyer can use the new herbs to paint them in many different colors. The dyer can also change lanterns to emit different colors of light.

Changelogs[edit | edit source]

Version[edit | edit source]

  • Added support for colored variants of blocks (with a mask texture to determine what part to color)
  • Added support for importing .ply files with vertex colors
  • Added an example texture pack mod (/gamedata/mods/Examples/TexturePack/)
  • Substantially simplified modding existing game files
  • Added a workaround that'll automatically remove block jobs if they glitched out (tracked jobs but no block anymore)
  • The farmers will now check if their crops are actually going to grow, so if it broke (due to savegame issues) they'll fix it automatically
  • Fixed glitchy selection graphics when areas neighboured each other
  • Doubled charcoal production
  • Fixed an issue blowing up the server after X amount of time
  • Basic Science Bag research now requires Linen Bags
  • Fixed a few blocks having incorrect normal mapping
  • Changed emissive / mask textures to be in linear space instead of gamma space
  • Changed height / smoothness / specularity textures to be in linear space instead of gamma space
  • Limit time spend spawning zombies per server tick; 50 ms cap per tick default (server.json setting, Zombies → MSPerTick)
  • Tweaked lighting brightness a bit if eye adaptation is disabled
  • Tweaked TAA settings to remove some artifacts (could see movement through blocks). Should look less blurry overall as well.
  • Changed internal mesh structure, ever so slightly faster rendering + (V)RAM savings:
    • Removed about 12 bytes / vertex by compressing some data, saving about 45 MB RAM / ~18 MB VRAM in a benchmark.
  • Ported various blocks with solid colors to the new color system
  • Sorted the types by alphabet in types.json and texturemapping.json
  • Collapsed some nodes of types.json to lower size/line count
  • Fixed snow, sand and cherry blossom not sorting in the stockpile

Post-release[edit | edit source]

  • Various fixes to make the farmers and the forester work
  • More fixes for above

Hotfix 2017-12-31[edit | edit source]

  • Another hotfix, to fix slowly crashing servers depending on how many growable blocks there are