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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Colony Survival. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[edit | edit source]

Controls[edit | edit source]

W move forward

A move left

S move backward

D move right

LMB place

RMB destroy/attack

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

It is recommended that you get the wheat farmer as soon as possible following that with defense.

A great way to defend your colony is by creating a chokepoint, through which the zombies have to go in order to reach your colonists or your flag. You can easily achieve this by building a wall at least 2 blocks high or a moat at least 2 blocks deep. The zombie's pathfinding program looks 2000 ahead. In order to not activate siege mode thereby draining food faster, make sure the zombies can still get to your flag. A winding maze that goes back and forth in front of the guardsmen before going to your flag is recommended if you put a two deep hole around your perimeter.

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