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Starting a new world[edit | edit source]

After starting a new world the player is free to move around using W, A, S, D keys. Holding down LMB the player can remove blocks from the world and collect them in the inventory. When all inventory slots are full any additional blocks just get destroyed and wasted. Press RMB to place a block in the world. At the bottom of the screen is the Command Tool, Banner Tool and the player inventory hotbar.

Start a Colony[edit | edit source]

Using the Banner Tool the player can place down a Banner and thereby start a new colony. Around the banner a green area will be shown, this is the safe zone of the colony. Inside that area no monsters will spawn but outside in the red area Zombie will spawn at night.

The first thing the player should to is craft several Beds and place them down. Then right click the banner base, right click with the banner tool selected (hotkey 2) or press C to open the colony menu and recruit Colonists. When nearby the colony the player can access its stockpile by pressing I and take items from it or move items from the player inventory into the colony stockpile. The stockpile is owned by the colony, should the player destroy the colony the stockpile will also be destroyed.

The way the base is structured is largely up to the player. Zombies attack the banner and the colonists, they attack whatever is closest. Some kind of defense structure at the outside is recommended, the player can for example place down a wall or dig out a two block deep mound around the base. It is important to leave at least one entrance, one valid way for zombies to walk to the banner. Otherwise Siege mode starts which will cost extreme amounts of food.

Controls[edit | edit source]

For a full list of controls check out the Controls section

Basic Movement and Action
Button Action
Moves the player forward.
Moves the player to the left.
Moves the player backwards.
Moves the player to the right.
Makes the player jump by one block.
⇧ Shift
Makes the player sprint.
Makes the player crouch by approximately half a block.
Destroys a block or makes the player attack.
Places a block.

1. Left Mouse Button
2. Right Mouse Button

User Interface
Button Action
Toggles the Crafting and Stockpile tab.
Toggles the Colony tab.
Opens the chat box.1
Closes any tabs/boxes open. If there are none, it opens the options menu.
Toggles the quick-start tutorial.
Shows/hides the interface (i.e toolbar and colony information).
Toggles stats (shows developer information such as X, Y and Z positions).

1. Can only be closed with the escape button.

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

It is recommended that you get the wheat farmer as soon as possible following that with defence.

  • A great way to defend your colony is by creating a chokepoint, through which the zombies have to go in order to reach your colonists or your flag. You can easily achieve this by building a wall at least 2 blocks high or a moat at least 2 blocks deep.
  • The zombies' pathfinding program looks 2000 blocks ahead. In order to not activate siege mode thereby draining food faster, make sure the zombies can still get to your flag in 2000 blocks.
  • A winding maze that goes back and forth in front of the guardsmen before going to your flag is a useful defence measure that increases the time it takes for the zombies to reach the flag, giving your guards more time to shoot them down.
  • Time passes even if you bring up the options menu, or switch to a different tab.
  • Even if you have set no zombies to spawn in the day, you may still encounter zombies in the morning. This is because zombies do not de-spawn in the day or die from daylight, so a zombie might spawn far away and take a long time to reach you.

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