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Non-Playing Characters (NPCs), portrayed in the game as "Colonists" can be assigned jobs via the Command Tool. This will give them the order to engage in specific tasks in order to automate production of food, ores, tools and other significant resources to keep your colony running. Jobs must have a crate for colonists to take and leave resources required for and produced by their job. Placing crates closer to the colonist's job will increase the efficiency of the job, as it cuts back on time required to travel between the crate and the job. Colonists who can not reach a crate (or, if you don't have crates, the banner) will display a symbol over their head indicating that they have no path to a crate, and will stop working.

First Steps:[edit | edit source]

Some of the first essential jobs in the game are ones that produce food. Food is an essential resource in the game, and if your food reaches 0, your colonists will begin to die of starvation. Each colonist consumes 5 food each day, and each colonist costs 50 food to hire initially. To place down an area you wish your colonist to work in, open the command tool (The default hotkey of the command tool is the "1" key, and the icon for it is a golden crown.) Left click to select a job you wish you place, and right click to place it. Most farming jobs require you to right click twice, once to start the area and once to finish it. The first food production you can use is berry farmers, which will produce berries worth a small amount of food each day. After some basic research (See: Scientist) you can unlock wheat farmers, which will generate wheat for you at a higher rate than berry farmers. Wheat can also be baked into bread (This process is described in length in the Wheat farmer article.)

Getting Your Bearings:[edit | edit source]

At night, zombies will begin to advance towards your banner, intent on killing your colonists! It's time to hire some guards to keep your colonists safe! Of course, to provide your guards with ammunition you'll also need either artisans and miners or have to mine stone yourself and craft the ammo yourself! This is where the game starts to become a bit more difficult. You need to balance out your food production with the new colonists you're hiring to defend your colony, so you don't run out of food! Along the way you'll be able to unlock science that will make life easier all around! So go out, get acquainted with the jobs and build the colony of your dreams!

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

  • A common bug with the crate system is that colonists pick the crate closest to them, including vertically. If there is a crate near your colonist but another even closer in a location your colonist cannot access it, your colonist may show that it can't find a path. To fix this, move it's own crate closer, or the interfering crate further away.
  • You're brand new. You've made a berry field but no colonists show up? You must explicitly recruit each colonist. Use tool "2", then press the right mouse button. A dialog appears with "Recruit Colonist" in the lower right. Press it once to recruit one colonist; this costs 50 food and one bed space. The colonist appears near your banner. If you keep clicking, wondering what's happening, you will continue recruiting colonists until you run out of food.
  • This epiphany suggests that you think about making crafting stations, wheat fields, and the like as simply making jobs—not the workers to fill them.
  • You cannot explicitly assign citizens to jobs, or reassign one from the job that has no resources to the one you need done. The workaround? Pick up the station you don't need work on, or temporarily eliminate the field or job location (tool [1], left click). Stations go into your inventory to be placed later, and the crops do not appear to rot in the fields. The citizen who was working that job stops, and takes up the vacant position where you need the help.
    • Make sure you still have what you need; If you are making lots of bows but eliminate flax, you will not be able to make bowstrings meaning that you won't be able to make bows. Be Careful.