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Mining is a job that can be assigned to colonists. To place the job, left click with the command tool and select the "Miner" role. Then place a miner on an appropriate spot. Appropriate spots are dark stone blocks or any of the ores amongst it. Miners must be on the ore to mine it. The arrow indicator does not mean they will mine the block it is pointing at, it is purely an aesthetic feature to allow you to control the direction your miners face while they work. Miners require a crate to work, so that they can access the stockpile.

Miners wear dark gray clothing.

Mineable block Result Mining time Layer
Darkstone.png Dark Stone Block Stonebricks.png Stone Bricks 3 15+
OreClay.png Clay Ore Clay.png Clay 8 22/23
OreCoal.png Infinite Coal Coalore.png Coal Ore 10 29/30
OreCopper.png Copper Ore Copper.png Copper 10
OreGalena.png Galena Ore Galenalead.png Lead Rich Galena
(+ 11 % chances of extra Galenasilver.png Silver Rich Galena)
10 36
OreGold.png Infinite Gold Goldore.png Gold Ore 13,3
OreGypsum.png Gypsum Ore Gypsum.png Gypsum (×5) 10
OreIron.png Infinite Iron Ironore.png Iron Ore 13,3
OreSalpeter.png Salpeter Ore Salpeter.png Salpeter 10
Stoneblock.png Stone Block Stonebricks.png Stone Bricks 3
OreTin.png Tin Ore Tin.png Tin 10