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Colony Survival features an extensive API to allow for mods to modify, remove and add content to the game. Mods are distributed via the Steam Workshop.

List of mods[edit | edit source]

A full list of mods can be found on the Steam Workshop, below are a few detailed examples from the community.

Creating a mod[edit | edit source]

Creating a Colony Survival mod can be done by anyone, even if you have no knowledge of programming. The Official Discord has a channel dedicated to supporting mod developers. If you have problems getting started or encounter any issues the Discord is here to help.

Basic[edit | edit source]

Using only .JSON files you can add or modify vast aspects of the game such as:

Detailed information on how to structure these files is located on the Colony Survival Github page.

Intermediate[edit | edit source]

With basic C# knowledge you write your own code to interface with the Colony Survival API and add more complex blocks and job behavior.

Advanced[edit | edit source]

Using tools like Harmony you can patch the Colony Survival code to modify normal functionality, or add your own advanced features not available through the existing API.