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Ore Blocks
Bronzepickaxe.png Mined by the Miner
ErrorIdle.png Can be mined by Player

Oreblocks are Blocks in the world that can be mined to extract ores from them. The Player will receive the respective ore when destroying the block while the Miner can continuously mine ores from the same block.

Oreblocks are found at a specific depth below the surface in 3 block high layers. All oreblocks are grouped into one of four layers commonly called Copper, Iron, Gold and Galena layer.

Block Itemcode Mining Result Depth
OreCopper.png Copper Ore infinitecopper Copper.png Copper 17
OreTin.png Tin Ore infinitetin Tin.png Tin
OreClay.png Clay infiniteclay Clay.png Clay 23
OreGypsum.png Gypsum infinitegypsum Gypsum.png Gypsum (×5)
OreIron.png Iron infiniteiron Ironore.png Iron Ore
OreCoal.png Coal infinitecoal Coalore.png Coal Ore 30
OreGold.png Gold infinitegold Goldore.png Gold Ore
OreGalena.png Galena infinitegalena Galenalead.png Lead Rich Galena
11% chance of Galenasilver.png Silver Rich Galena)
OreSalpeter.png Salpeter infinitesalpeter Salpeter.png Salpeter

Far East[edit | edit source]

Block Itemcode Mining Result Depth
OreKaolinite.png Kaolinite Ore infinitekaolinite Kaolinite.png Kaolinite 30

Tropics[edit | edit source]

Block Itemcode Mining Result Depth
OreDiamond.png Diamond Ore infinitediamond 98% chance of Stonebricks.png Stone Bricks
2% chance of Diamond.png Diamond