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Will flood everything if let loose
Added in

Water is a special block that cannot be obtained without the use of cheats. Water generates infinitely throughout the world and has special physics, allowing players to swim through it, though it does not necessarily negate fall damage.

Water placed on top of a Plank pillar through cheats and spreading through the air.

True to its description, an individual block of water multiplies by one block in each cardinal direction every second, in addition to underneath it. For example, any mines, channels, or holes dug underground that breach water will begin to flood unless plugged, meaning the player must be careful not to dig underneath oceans. However, this can be useful to bring water closer to a player's colony if zombies attack their workers.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Both the Fisherman and the Water Gatherer require a water source block to perform their jobs. However, these jobs can be substituted by the Fish Farmer and Waterpump Worker respectively, which require no water but work slower (and the fish farmer cannot harvest Lobsterraw.png Raw Lobster.)

Because Lobster can be a great happiness boost (70 max happiness boost for Lobstercooked.png Cooked Lobster vs 30 max happiness boost for Cooked Fish.PNG Cooked Fish, and both can coexist with the availability of water,) it may be worth channeling ocean water to the colony for the Fisherman.