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Zombies are enemy creatures hunting colonists, players and the banner. They can be fought against by guards and player with weapons. They try to eat your brains!

There are 3 types of zombies: -

Grey Zombies: These will appear when you have recruited your first colonist. Total Health: 100 HP.

Green Zombies: These will appear when you reach the 30 colonists. Total Health: 300 HP.

Red Zombies: These will appear in the range of 60 colonists. Total Health: 500 HP.

Hits to Kill
Zombie Type Fist Sling Bow C.Bow Gun
Grey 3 2 1 1 1
Green 9 5 3 1 1
Red 15 10 5 2 1

NOTE: Each type of zombie has its runner variant, which has twice the normal speed; these variants will appear after reaching the number of villagers required for the +15 zombie type. So each type of zombie plus its variant with the exception of the normal grey zombie, will appear every 15 villagers

Trivia: The Green Zombies are currently the only Zombie variant to wear a shirt. It is unclear if future zombie additions will wear clothing other than just trousers.